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Saving for College: How to Plan for Your Kids' Future Education

Every parent dreams about having a child attend college. However, soaring tuition costs and rising inflation are making it harder for many families to afford the full cost of higher education. It’s never too early to start saving for college, but putting money aside effectively takes planning and discipline. While there are many options open for parents interested in saving for their kids’ further education, the choices you make today can have big implications down the line. So, let's look at some important questions – like when you should start saving for college and how much you should look to save. We also consider the pros and cons of several of the best ways to save money for college. ...Read More

Should You Use a Travel Agent in 2023?

With online booking and endless itineraries, reviews, and hot tips from influencers at your fingertips, why use a travel agent in 2023? In fact, more and more people are finding it pays to have someone to help you make all your travel connections. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of using a travel agent in 2023. ...Read More

Don't Believe These Five Mortgage Myths

The path to homeownership can feel like a minefield of misinformation, making it difficult for potential home buyers to distinguish fact from fiction. Misconceptions fueled by hearsay or outdated but well-meaning advice can lead to costly mistakes or missed opportunities. ...Read More