20 Apps To Save You Money While Traveling

Welcome to the digital age of travel! Nowadays, your smartphone is your Swiss Army knife, helping you handle vacation planning, budgeting, and navigating foreign lands. Gone are the days of hefty guidebooks and bewildering maps; today, a world of resources fits snugly in your pocket.


Let’s dive into 20 essential travel apps that promise to save your bank account while enriching your globetrotting adventures.

Before you ask, yes, of course we included the Radiant Credit Union App and the Radiant Card Manager App – because both are essential. OK, let’s dive in.

1. Citymapper (iOS, Android, Web)

For the urban explorer, Citymapper offers a detailed look into public transportation with routes, schedules, and real-time updates across major cities. It’s your go-to navigator for the fastest or cheapest way to your destination, proving that getting lost is so last century.

2. Moovit (iOS, Android, Web)

Moovit simplifies your commute with a user-friendly interface showcasing bus, train, and subway routes plus live updates. It’s like having a local guide in your pocket, minus the awkward small talk.

3. Yelp (iOS, Android, Web)

Discover where to eat like a local without paying tourist prices. Yelp is your culinary compass, pointing you to the best eateries and hidden gems around the globe. Authentic dining experiences await, and so do savings.

4. OpenTable (iOS, Android, Web)

Budget-friendly meals and the convenience of online reservations come together in OpenTable. Explore dining options, snag special offers, and never wait in line again. It’s dining made smart and simple.

5. World Nomads (Web, iOS, Android for insurance management)

Offering tailored coverage for everything from medical emergencies to canceled flights, World Nomads is the guardian angel of travel insurance. Because the only surprises you want on vacation are the pleasant kinds.

6. SafetyWing (Web)

SafetyWing provides peace of mind with affordable travel medical insurance plans. It’s designed for the digital nomad, the long-term traveler, and anyone in between who values a safety net as much as adventure.

7. Time Out (iOS, Android, Web)

With Time Out, the best things in life (or at least in travel) can indeed be free. Discover discounted events, attractions, and activities in major cities. Your itinerary and wallet will thank you.

8. Museum Pass (Varies by location)

Whether it’s the Paris Museum Pass or another city’s offering, gain access to a host of museums and attractions at a steal. Skip the line, save on tickets, and soak in the culture.

9. Revolut (iOS, Android)

Revolut changes the game with a multi-currency card offering competitive exchange rates and no hidden fees. It’s the financial wizard in your pocket, making every penny count (and convert).

10. XE Currency (iOS, Android, Web)

Stay on top of exchange rates with XE Currency. Its tools and charts ensure you get the most bang for your buck, or yen, or euro. Knowledge is power, and power saves pennies.

11. TripIt (iOS, Android)

TripIt takes the puzzle out of itinerary planning. Organize reservations and documents in one place, and get real-time updates. It’s like having a personal assistant, minus the salary.

12. Google Maps (iOS, Android, Web)

Google Maps is the ultimate navigator, whether you’re looking for the nearest café or trying to navigate a foreign transit system. Offline maps mean you’re never truly lost, just exploring.

13. Google Photos (iOS, Android, Web)

Unlimited photo and video storage with Google Photos means you can capture every moment without worrying about space. It’s your digital scrapbook, no glue required.

14. Airbnb Experiences (iOS, Android, Web)

For something beyond the typical tourist traps, Airbnb Experiences offers unique activities hosted by locals. It’s your ticket to authentic experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

15. Radiant Credit Union App (iOS, Android)

Manage your finances with ease using the Radiant Credit Union App. Keep an eye on your spending, transfer funds on the go, and access travel-friendly features that make money management a breeze.

16. Radiant Card Manager App (iOS, Android)

Take control of your cards with the Radiant Card Manager App. Set travel notices, monitor transactions, and instantly lock (and unlock) your cards if they go astray. It’s like having a financial safety net in your pocket.

Bonus Apps for the Savvy Traveler:

Skyscanner (iOS, Android, Web): Find the best flight deals with a simple search. It’s like a matchmaking service for your wallet and the perfect flight.

Hostelworld (iOS, Android, Web): Budget accommodations have never been easier to find. It’s the affordable way to stay and play.

Couchsurfing (iOS, Android, Web): For the truly adventurous and budget-conscious, Couchsurfing offers a bed and new friends for free.

EatWith (iOS, Android, Web): Dive into local cuisine with EatWith, where you can join dinner parties and cooking classes hosted by locals.

Splitwise (iOS, Android, Web): Traveling with friends? Splitwise keeps track of shared expenses so you can settle up without the awkwardness.

Traveling in 2024 doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With these 20 apps (and a little savvy planning), you can explore the world without sacrificing comfort or experiences. So pack your digital toolkit and set off on an adventure that’s as financially smart as it is unforgettable.

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